The magical experience of American-born wineries near DC is the perfect excursion for your group. Learn about the best options we can take you to.

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Must Visit Wineries Near DC

Must Visit Wineries Near DC

Wineries near DC are some of the most elegant locations to visit when traveling. These spots make for fabulous honeymoons, pre-nuptial celebrations, and getaways. Most people enjoy the countless wine tours and tastings they find around Loudoun County. 

Virginia hosts numerous wineries, each flaunting its respective aesthetics and aromas. Why not take advantage of these spaces when visiting the area? DC ExecuCar created a list of some of the best wineries near DC to help you discover for your next vacation.

Romantic Getaway: Linden Farms

Linden Farms is a must-see for newlyweds or couples seeking some much-needed alone time. This winery is just over an hour away from the center of DC. However, the winery reserves space for small groups, typically no more than four guests.

You can enjoy quiet peace and serenity as Linden Farms prohibits children or pets on the property. Non-members of the winery can take advantage of many guest wine tasting opportunities. In addition, you can indulge in the crystalline acidity and aromas of the Hardscrabble Chardonnay at this beautiful Virginia location.

For Pet Lovers: Three Fox Vineyards

Three Fox Vineyards is a lovely, open-air winery that allows dogs to roam off-leash. The scenic overlooks make this location a local favorite. Guests recommend Three Fox Vineyards for their countless weekend activities.

This winery also occasionally hosts dog adoption events that allow locals and travelers the opportunity to add a new member to their family.

Would you prefer a more relaxed evening? You’re in luck; Three Fox Vineyards also hosts live music and yoga sessions that pair nicely with a glass of wine.

Live Music: Naked Mountain Winery & Vineyards

Naked Mountain is one of the best Virginia wineries for live music. The location is just over an hour away from the DC mall. This convenience makes it a great day trip for those looking at wineries near DC.

This winery sits on the edge of Virginia’s scenic rolling hills. It is excellent for enjoying the fresh air and great photo opportunities.

Guests recommend Naked Mountain’s Barrel Fermented Chardonnay and Bordeaux style blend. You can enjoy a wine tasting while listening to some of the best musical acts in the area. This location is perfect for small groups and carefree visitors.

Affordable Tastings: Rappahannock Cellars

Many wineries near DC offer expensive tastings that sometimes distract from the immersion of the experience. However, this is not the case at Rappahannock Cellars. This fantastic location provides premium wine tastings at an affordable $10 to $20 per guest.

This family-owned business provides a cozy tasting room and a scenic outdoor space. Rappahannock Cellars also encourages walk-in tastings, so this winery is perfect for a casual day trip exploring the DC area. Guests love this spot for its accessibility.

You can visit Rappahannock Cellars any day of the week.

For a Quick Trip: Paradise Springs Winery

Paradise Springs Winery is less than an hour away from the DC Mall. This location prides itself on all-day-every-day wine tastings. Guests can reserve a spot for 20 people or more for tours and tastings, making this location an excellent place for group events.

You can also enjoy the live music, beautiful views, and outdoor amenities that Paradise Springs Winery offers.

The Perfect Escape: The Farmhouse at Veritas

Look no further for a European experience blended with Southern Charm by visiting this stunning winery. This vineyard offers a wide range of bed and breakfast retreats and events. It is perfect for any individual looking to escape for a while.

The Farmhouse at Veritas welcomes all guests with a complimentary bottle of wine, and the dining options complete this experience. Guests can enjoy a luxurious getaway that offers affordable accommodations and excellent service.

Would you like to share the experience with friends or coworkers? This Virginia winery can also schedule larger parties of over 20 guests.

Get Luxury Service for Your Next Trip

Virginia wineries offer some of the best scenic locations for your getaway. Unfortunately, they are not always accessible to ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft. DC ExecuCar solves this problem by giving you and your group unlimited transportation to and from wineries near DC.

Our high-class experience options include corporate, wedding, and group transportation. Take advantage of our black car service for a comfortable and private ride to any location in the area.

DC ExecuCar is the premier professional driving service in the area. Contact us today for more information about access to wineries near DC. Call our team at 703-899-5038.


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