Our Washington DC executive transportation drivers work with you to ensure your executive group outing transportation is everything you desire. We work to keep things simple for you while answering any and all questions you may have. There are details we will request that can make your event work out in the best way possible. One of those details will be how many passengers will need transport on the day of your event. The largest bus in our fleet can handle a group of up to 60 passengers and baggage. No matter the size of your group, our vehicle fleet can handle your group’s needs. It may be tempting to try and squish 30 people in a vehicle that can only carry 20, but this is not an option, as all vehicles have a passenger limit. We can even transport a single rider in complete luxury; it is up to you. This article will outline essential steps to ensure that your executive vehicle booking goes as smoothly as possible.

How Many Passengers Will Ride?

The first step is one of the most labor-intensive when setting up transportation for a group. Creating a guest list can be daunting because there are so many people you want to invite, and it is ok to create an extensive list to start. After you have a comprehensive list, it is time to narrow the list down to an appropriate number, as you can’t invite the entire world. After you have narrowed the list down, it is time to send invitations to all those invited.

An invitation is a great way to let guests know they are invited, but it is also a great time to share important information. Depending on how the executive transportation will be paid, this is an excellent chance to let guests understand their part. If you are paying for the transportation, let guests know. If you expect guests to pay a portion of the cost, mention this in the invitation. By alerting guests of potential costs, there will be no surprises at the last minute for guests.

Keep Good Records of Guests

Be sure to create an approach to keeping information about which guests have RSVP’d, which guests have noted they cannot make it, and those who have not responded. It is essential to keep records, so you can follow up with guests if needed. After you have received many RSVPs from guests, this is a good time to reach out to those who have not responded at all. Contact these late replyers and ask them if they plan on attending.

What’s the Budget

Before you begin searching the internet for different black car sizes, it is helpful to create a budget for your transportation. A budget is a guiding light that will help you stay focused on what is within and out of reach. There are many different vehicles available at various price points, and each vehicle will showcase a variety of amenities.

Never go over your budget if the group will pay the cost. After all, the group had already determined a budget and agreed on it. There are ways to save money when using executive transportation. Ask the entire group to meet up in one place, so the driver can pick up and drop off everybody at one point. Although transportation companies are happy to pick up individuals at different locations, this might increase the cost of your trip.

What Kind of Event Are You Having?

Depending on the event, different vehicles are available to suit your needs. If you have a group of up to 60, a Prevost Coach could be the perfect vehicle. If it is party time, book a party bus. Our fleet can handle your needs.