• In the event a guest needs a mask, Surgical masks will be available upon request

  • Hand sanitizer & sanitizing wipes offered to guests

  • Bottled water no longer placed in the rear seat of the vehicle, and available upon request

  • Universal phone chargers continue to be offered and sanitized before and after each trip

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi continue to be offered

  • Car seats offered and available upon request, undergoing a sanitizing and disinfecting procedure as noted above

  • Magazines & newspapers no longer offered in order to mitigate risk of contamination and minimizing of common touch points


  • Chauffeurs remain outfitted in their company issued black suit & tie, with added N95 mask or equivalent and nitrile gloves

  • Chauffeurs equipped with ample supply of:

  • N95 face masks (Or equivalent), and regular face masks Disposable Nitrile gloves

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Disinfectant wipes

  • Thermometers

  • Chauffeurs will put on a new pair of Nitrile gloves prior to handling a guest’s luggage, carry-on bags, etc. Guests will be offered option to handle their own bags should they prefer their belongings not be touched. Hand sanitizer offered to all guests.

  • Guests will ride comfortably knowing the vehicle they are in has gone through an extensive non-toxic disinfecting process and all touch points are disinfected again after each guest exits the vehicle. Our vehicles undergo enhanced cleaning exceeding industry guidance prior to any guest entering the vehicle

  • Upon guest arriving at their destination, our chauffeur will once again, sanitize their hands prior to opening their door and prior to touching any of our guest’s belongings.

  • We will discourage the use of the front passenger seat to accommodate physical distancing

  • In the event we discover a COVID-19 positive case among our chauffeurs or passengers, tracing will be completed to proactively notify all passengers or employees whom the infected party was in contact with beginning two days prior to the onset of symptoms to 14 days after onset of symptoms.


  • All vehicle touch points, including child seats, disinfected with sanitizer wipes before and after each trip. All products used will be selected from the list of CDC approved products located here.

  • We have purchased the EMist Electrostatic Disinfectant system and our entire fleet has been disinfected using Electrostatic technology along with VitalOxide. To learn more about these systems, visit EMist.

  • In the event of a possible case of COVID-19 in one of our vehicles, the vehicle will be removed from service for 48 hours (Twice the amount of time recommended by the CDC) and thoroughly sanitized with our electrostatic disinfectant system.

  • Far-UVC wand utilized to kill or inactivate microorganisms for additional disinfecting of common touch points. (The UVC wands will be mounted in each of our larger capacity vehicles – Vans, Mini, and Full size Motor Coaches).

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